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Sweden / Colombia

Minük is the Swedish – Colombian husband-and-wife duo of Alejandra Ortiz and Marcus Berg. The duo met at Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia while touring far from their homelands with their own musical projects, and felt a strong call to unite their voices and visions. Shortly afer, they started traveling through South America, Europe and India recording new music born from their encounter. They delicately weave exquisite vocals with acoustic strings(guitars, cuatro, ccharango, violin) in a swirling harmonious tapestry using both their Nordic and Andean traditions. Their music is the loving confluence of two crystalline streams gushing with Scandinavian purity and South American Earth medicine.

Afer releasing collaborations with celebrated producers Nicola Cruz and El Buho, amongst others, they released their debut album “Aurora” in 2022. Between them, they have composed and produced a joint discography of fourteen albums, and toured all over the world as visionary nomads.


Featured on

Global Lounge 2

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