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Michael Oloyede

Michael Oloyede


Michael Oloyede is a distinguished Nigerian drummer and bandleader renowned for his contributions to the vibrant Lagos music scene. As the creative force behind the music ensemble Native Brains, Oloyede's distinctive sound fuses Afrobeat, funk, and pop with richly rhythmic Yoruba influences.

Oloyede honed his skills at the MUSON School of Music Performance Diploma program and expanded his horizons through the prestigious 5-Week Summer Jazz Performance Program at the Berklee College of Music. Initially known for instrumental compositions with improvisational elements, Oloyede's recent works feature interactive tracks predominantly in Yoruba and English. His versatile talent has led him to collaborate with a diverse array of local and international artists, including Cobhams Asuquo, Lagbaja, Marcus Miller, and SOMI.

"Fàlàlà" Oloyede’s stand-out track “Fàlàlà,” means "gallantly" or "majestically" in the Yoruba language, encourages patience and trust in fate, emphasizing the importance of not rushing ahead of one's destiny: “The time of creation in the world / God bless you / Do not run faster than your creation / It depends on you.”


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