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Musician Spotlight

Michael Oloyede

Michael Oloyede


Michael Oloyede is a renowned Nigerian drummer who has built a strong reputation in the Lagos music scene. Oloyede trained at the MUSON school of music as well as at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Over the years he has worked as a sideman with a number of local and international acts, including Lagbaja, Marcus Miller and ASA. In 2017 Oloyede formed the band Native Brains and together they perform a unique blend of Afrobeat, funk and pop with a strong foundation on traditional Yoruba rhythms.

His song "Fàlàlà" is featured on the new 5-song EP "Global Groove" from our Putumayo Discovery Series. The title means "gallantly" or "majestically" in Oloyede's native Yoruba language. The song offers the advice to enjoy the moment and don't let the weight of unrealized expectations hold you back. "I'll eat and be merry so I can have the strength to fly / I'll dress well and walk gallantly / Be tenacious, because the end is better than the beginning." Oloyede recorded the song his home studio in Lagos, Nigeria.


Featured on

Global Groove

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