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Cabo Verde / Portugal

Lura, born in Lisbon to Cape Verdean parents, embodies the cultural fusion of Portugal and Cabo Verde in her music. Rising to prominence at the age of 21 with her debut album "Nha Vida," she captivated audiences with her unique blend of influences, notably showcased in the global hit "Nariná" from her 2004 album "Di Korpo ku Alma." Throughout her career, Lura has collaborated with renowned artists such as Cesária Évora, Bonga, and Angelique Kidjo, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in world music. In 2023, Lura released "Multicolor," a reflection of her European upbringing and Cabo Verdean heritage. This album, characterized by its contemporary sound and themes of freedom, diversity, and acceptance, exemplifies Lura's commitment to evolving her artistry while staying true to her cultural roots. 

Her upbeat track “Dançar” expresses the profound love and joy experienced when being with a significant other, highlighting the feeling of completeness and happiness a good relationship can bring. “Life smiled at me,” Lura sings, “Paradise comes to embrace me / With you I was reborn / Diving without fear in your sea.”

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