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Jean Jean Roosevelt

Jean Jean Roosevelt

Haiti / Canada

Jean Jean Roosevelt is a Haitian author, composer, performer, guitarist, and percussionist originally from Grand-Anse, in southwest Haiti and now based in Montreal. Raised by two artistic parents as the youngest of six children, Roosevelt was introduced to the basics of music from an early age. According to family lore, he was born while his mother was directing a choir. At university Roosevelt specialized in art history and incorporates his deep knowledge of history, passion for social and environmental justice into his lyrics. These lyrics cover topics as wide-ranging as love, gender equality, preservation of the environment, respect for the rights of minorities, and the protection of children. The sounds of these tunes draw on the island’s multi-ethnic influences, including a rich blend of Haitian rhythms.

His track “Peyi Mizik” is a hard-hitting song about Haiti’s strength and perseverance in the face of various struggles. “Bad life, hunger in our miserable stomachs / The country does not give us half / We can never rest,” Roosevelt sings, before concluding on a more hopeful note. “In the midst of our troubles / The music doesn’t stop / We are unbreakable reeds / Even if we stumble we will not fall.” 

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