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Janne Schra/Noordpool Orkest

Janne Schra/Noordpool Orkest


Janne Schra is a versatile Dutch artist with a diverse musical background. She first garnered public attention as the lead singer and songwriter of the band Room Eleven which achieved significant success in Europe. Following its disbandment in 2009, Schra embarked on a remarkable solo career.

“Als Daar Muziek Voor Is” is a hopeful, creative track from Jaren Schra’s 2017 project "VASALIS," an album created in collaboration with The Noordpool Orchestra. This album, featuring Dutch poet M. Vasalis's poems, was Schra's first release sung in Dutch.

The Noordpool Orchestra, founded in 2009 and led by Reinout Douma, is a Dutch ensemble based in Drachten, known for its innovative approach to light music orchestration. Comprising 42 talented musicians from northern Netherlands, they seamlessly blend big band, strings and woodwinds to explore a wide array of musical genres, from jazz and pop to chanson, film music, tango, hip-hop and cabaret.


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