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Musician Spotlight

Ilan Amores

Ilan Amores


Musician, model and actor. Ilan Amores grew up in Misiones, Argentina, where he discovered his passion: music. Growing up, he strived to learn every instrument and assume every layer of musical creation. At the age of 29, he was bassist for the renowned band Argies and drummer for the Canadian group Harm & Ease, with whom he toured Canada. Restless and talented, he eventually arrived at a solo, writing his own music and producing his first album “Uno” in Bueno Aires.

In recent years he has played in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, Luxembourg, Croatia, Scotland and England before returning to Argentina. He employs a broad mix of styles, sounds and characters within his repertoire and has collaborated with other artists on a number of multi-genred releases. He rediscovers his roots on his most recent releases “Borí Borí 2.”


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World Party 4

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