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Ignacio Maria Gomez

Ignacio Maria Gomez


Born in Argentina in 1992, Ignacio Maria Gomez is a musical and literal nomad who draws on influences from West Africa, Brazil, Colombia, France and wherever else his travels may take him. Improbably, he fell in love with the music of West Africa while he was a teenager living in Mexico City. This led him on a multinational search to define his own musical identity in relation to the African diaspora throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America and the creolized genres that it has sparked.

At times with nothing by a balafon and a guitar on his back, Ignacio traveled for five years and eventually landed in the streets of Paris. It was while performing his music along the banks of the river Seine that he enchanted famous cellist Vincent Ségal, who instantly invited him to join him on stage at the renowned Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. Our “Putumayo World Café” album features his song, “Tchen Dorò”, on which he sings largely in a made-up language of his own invention.


Featured on

Putumayo World Café

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