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Israel / France

With a unique blend of French poetry, folk, jazz, and Mediterranean sounds, pianist, and songwriter Erella Atlan draws inspiration from her Franco-Israeli heritage to create truly captivating music. Her musical journey started when she graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and later attended the Berklee College of Music. Along the way, she has traveled extensively and collaborated with musicians from various backgrounds, enriching her style with elements of jazz, pop, and traditional Middle Eastern music. Currently based in Paris, Erella is working on recording her first album while continuing her work as a film music composer.

On “Origami” Erella sings about making a paper flower for a loved one, a metaphor for the singer's feelings, which are written on the petals of the flower. “I made a paper flower / To warm your misty heart / I slipped in some golden petals / To illuminate your worn soul / If I could / I would tell you the words / If you wanted / I would throw the paper flower into the water / Without artifice, and without pride.”


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World Love Songs

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