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Musician Spotlight

Constance Amiot

Constance Amiot


Singer and songwriter Constance Amiot was born in 1978 while her French parents were living in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). She spent her childhood there and in Cameroon, before moving with her family to Washington, DC when she was 12 years old. She began her musical career in the United States on the stages of Baltimore and Washington DC. In 2000, she settled in Paris where she has recorded 5 albums and earned recognition in the French music scene. After two years of touring and performing mostly for young audiences, she is currently working on her next album, a collection of dreamy and traveling folk songs, produced and arranged by Jean-Christophe Urbain (Les Innocents).

Her lilting bilingual song “Résonances”, featured on our new “Putumayo World Café” album, features a guest appearance by popular French singer JP Nataf. After Amiot begins in English, Nataf replies in poetic French, “And, in the wind the resonances / The sun in the alleys / Departing caravans / Your gaze on the world to undo / The wind that sways over the plains / Remote landscapes.”


Featured on

Putumayo World Café

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