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Musician Spotlight

Carlton Rara

Carlton Rara


Musician and actor, Carlton Rara also known as was born in France in 1975, to a Haitian mother and a French father. Self-described as “Funky popadelic” or a “Haitian bluesman”, he brings us a unique mix of influences: blues, reggae, voodoo music, pop, world music and even rap. He spent most of his childhood in a performance hall, attending artists of all kinds, jazzmen, choreographers, performers, musicians, actors and directors who cultivated his curiosity about the world.

Rara started in 2005 as a solo artist and has toured across South Africa, Belgium, Haiti, Caribbean, Poland, Switzerland and beyond. Famous film maker Pedro Almodovar mentioned him as one of the most inspiring songwriters he was listening to while making his film “I’m so Excited”. In addition to his musical work, he also has a career as a stage and voice actor. Across various mediums, Carlton tackles matters such as human relationships and societal changes in the form of accessible and easy-going art. His permanent self re-invention always allows him to bring us more of his quality albeit with a different coat on.


Featured on

Putumayo World Café

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