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Assol Garcia

Assol Garcia

Cabo Verde

Assol Garcia is a singer from Cabo Verde, an archi- pelago nation off the coast of West Africa that is home to rich Afro-Portuguese music traditions. She was born in 1989 on the island of Fogo, raised in the shadows of the island’s frequently erupting active volcano. Now based in Boston, Garcia draws on Cabo Verdean styles such as morna and coladeira, genres that were made famous around the world through the work of the late Cesária Evora.

Garcia’s debut album, "Alma di Minino" (Soul of a Child), released in November 2015, garnered criti- cal acclaim and multiple nominations at the 2017 Cabo Verde Music Awards, winning her the title of Best New Artist. In 2023, Garcia released her latest album, "Ecos de Mim" (Echoes of Myself), further showcasing her soulful voice and dedication to pro- moting Cabo Verdean music worldwide.

Julio Correira wrote the song “Txuska,” which originally appeared on Assol Garcia’s album "Ecos de Mim." The song’s chord progression, lilting rhythm and melancholy melody is reminiscent of the famous Cape Verdean song “Sodade. “Txuska” tells the story of a young woman from the countryside who comes into the city seeking a better life only to be taunted by local men.“He pre- tends to know me, but he doesn’t understand / I’m just passing through this world / And I have more grandeur than a princess.”

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