Nicola Heindl

Nicola HeindlBorn in London, British artist Nicola Heindl grew up outside of the city, but returned to study illustration at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. After college, she launched her career as a commercial artist, working as an illustrator and occasional designer for everything from greeting cards and book jackets to newspapers and magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire.

A little over ten years ago, however, Heindl stopped doing free-lance commissions to work almost exclusively for Putumayo World Music. While visiting New York, Heindl met Dan Storper, Putumayo co-founder and CEO, through a mutual acquaintance that was working at Putumayo. Storper had purchased Heindl’s greeting cards in the past and greatly admired her work. He initially commissioned a poster from her, and the relationship evolved from there.

Nicola has painted more than 100 colorful album covers for Putumayo World Music. She interprets Putumayo’s music through simple lines, bold colors, and lively scenes that capture the cultures represented on each album. An avid traveler herself, Nicola has been able to witness many of these cultures first-hand and frequently draws on her own experiences for inspiration. Her sketchbooks include drawings from trips to India, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Morocco, Tanzania, Panama and numerous European countries.

Heindl is now mainly based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, London and Barcelona. Nicola enjoys painting in oils and watercolors as well as creating ceramics. Click here to view some of her personal work.