Haiti [1/16 – 1/22]

17 Jan

Today we travel to Haiti, a Caribbean nation rich in culture and history, where French and African heritages blend to create a fascinating palette of enticing musical styles.

1 Belo with Andy Barrow Ayiti Leve Alo Haiti: Mountains Beyond Mountains Soley Sounds Haiti 4:21
2 Luck Mervil Piwouli Ti Peyi A Jajou Productions Haiti 5:36
3 Wyclef Jean Troubadour Welcome to Haiti Creole 101 BMG Haiti 4:00
4 Michel Martelly with Haiti Twoubadou Pa Manyen Fanm Nan


Haitian Troubadours / French Caribbean Sono / Putumayo Haiti 3:22
5 Emeline Michel Moso Manman Cordes & Ame / French Caribbean / Music from the Coffee Lands 2 Cheval de Feu / Putumayo Haiti 5:47
6 Carimi Ayiti (Bang Bang) Bang Bang / French Caribbean Antilles Mizik / Putumayo Haiti 4:30
7 Belo M’Deside Lakou Trankil Comme Il Faut Haiti 3:06
8 Twoubadou Rosie En Folie Antilles Mizik Ltd. Haiti 5:13
9 Stanely Georges with Fabrice Rouzier Kool Alo Haiti: Mountains Beyond Mountains


Soley Sounds Haiti 5:18
10 Manno Charlemagne Pran Batwel La La Fimen Kako Productions Haiti 3:24
11 Beethova Obas Lina Pa Prese / Caribe! Caribe! Declic / Putumayo Haiti 4:51
12 Haiti Twoubadou Ki Demon Sa-a Haitian Troubadors 2 / French Caribbean Next Music / Putumayo Haiti