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Books & Activity Sets

We’re pleased to partner with award-winning Barefoot Books, Enchanted Lion Books

and Alex Beard to present a curated selection of books and activity sets that

will take children on fun, cultural journeys around the world.

New Books

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The sights and sounds of Saint Lucia come to life when unexpected journeys disrupt Melba’s journey to the big parade.
What Is A River? leads its readers to look at the natural world with attention, from a perspective infused with wonder and love.
A fascinating book about a young boy’s journey of discovery about one of the largest, endangered animals on Earth.
Dring-dring! Chirri and Chirra have an adventure bicycling through the Japanese countryside and a charming village.

Enchanted Lion Books

The Smallest Elephant in the World is a witty, sweet and funny tale of friendship.
What if...reminds us of the importance of caring for the world and each other.
Nu Dang and His Kite is a hopeful story of a boy and his beloved kite.
This colorful story captures the persistent, stubborn hope of young people.

Alex Beard


Alex Beard is an artist and author who has long been fascinated by Africa and its wildlife,

first as a child with his legendary photographer uncle, Peter Beard, and now as an

active conservationist. Alex has been a frequent traveler to Kenya for decades

and his whimsical books are beloved by children near and far.


Renowned artist, Alex Beard's fascinating African adventure features

a story of wild animals and how they communicate.

Barefoot Books

This activity card set provides hands-on activities with easy-to-follow steps.
Meet Mindful Kids, the one-of-a-kind mindfulness activity kit for children ages 4 to 104!
Calm the mind and body, improve patience and boost confidence with these 50 colorful yoga cards.
Explore the fascinating stories of 15 of the world’s most incredible landmarks.
Discover amazing facts about more than 100 of the most fascinating creatures on Earth.
Children of the World depicts kids from countries and cultures all over the world.
Children will "travel the world" with over 400 colorful and reusable stickers.
Experience 13 holidays from around the world, from Mexico to Japan!
Explore our world, discovering the animals and architecture that make it special.
With this book, readers of all Spanish-language levels will learn new words and reinforce familiar ones.
With this book, readers of all French-language levels will learn new words and reinforce familiar ones.

Putumayo World Coloring Books

Have hours of fun coloring the fascinating people, animals, musical instruments and landscapes of Africa.
Children can explore the diverse scenery, animals, and musical instruments of Latin America.
Children will have fun while learning about the unique scenery, animals and musical instruments of the USA.

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