Australia and New Zealand [2/15/16-2/21/16]

15 Feb

The music of Australia and New Zealand, like that of many island nations, reflects multiple influences, from the traditional sounds of the indigenous peoples to the countless visitors and settlers who have come to these beautiful, diverse countries throughout the years. We’ll explore the music born of this fascinating blend of cultures and traditions, which truly are the musical crossroads of the southern hemisphere.

1 Colin Hay Down Under (acoustic version) Man @ Work Compass Records Australia 3:33
2 Te Vaka Haloa Olohega Nukukehe / South Pacific Islands Warm Earth Records / Putumayo Tokelau / New Zealand 3:13
3 Jodi Martin Love That Survives A Compilation The Aussie Croc Pot Australia 3:44
4 1 Giant Leap w/ Whirimako Black Ta Moko 1 Giant Leap Palm Pictures Ltd UK / New Zealand 5:09
5 Oceania Hautoa (Warrior) Oceania Point Music New Zealand 3:30
6 Toni Huata Whakarongo Everlasting Force Waahuu New Zealand 4:12
7 Fat Freddy’s Drop Roady Based on a True Story The Drop LTD New Zealand 3:30
8 Te Vaka Iuliana Tutuki / South Pacific Islands Spirit of Play Productions / Putumayo New Zealand 4:06
9 The Waifs London Still Up All Night Compass Records Australia 3:47
10 Ruby Hunter Aurukun Moonlight Feeling Good Mushroom Records Australia 4:18
11 Outback Cuban Connections The Best Of World Music (Putumayo) Rykodisc Australia / UK 3:48
12 Ganga Giri Ancestors Beats Around the Bush Termite Tunes Australia 3:52
13 The Unseen Guest Sandalista Asian Garden 2 Lola’s World India / Australia 4:21
14 Zulya Saginou (Yearning) Aloukie / Music From the Tea Lands ZKO / Putumayo Tatarstan 4:25