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Amazing Places

Written by Miralda Colombo

Illustrated by Beatrice Cerocchi

Explore the stories of 15 of the world’s most incredible landmarks. Young readers will get to know the people who built these places of wonder and their mysteries that still puzzle historians today.

  • Ages 8-12

  • 64 pages

  • Hard cover

  • ​10” X 11.8”


Featured Reviews

“Original artwork in soft hues helps to explore the history, geography, and lore of each site, while travelogue-worthy practical tips help plan when to visit, what to pack, and even how to enjoy these wonders from the comfort of home” - Foreword Reviews

“One of the best features of the book is that before you dive into the facts they invite you to ‘enter’ into the site as if you were on a tour! What a great way to bring in some of the aspects of the experience you would’ve gotten in-person” - Youth Services Book Review

The landscapes and the architecture have a majestic quality that draws the reader in. It creates a feeling of awe at the incredible landmarks around the world and the accomplishments of previous cultures” - Books for MKs

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