African Blues [9/7/15 – 9/13/15]

08 Sep

This week we’re traveling from Africa to North America and back, following the route of the blues. The blues was born in the American South, influenced by the traditional music that West African slaves brought with them across the Atlantic. Next, the blues moved north, reaching Chicago and St. Louis, where it took on a more electric, danceable edge. The unique style then made it back to Africa, where it continues to influence the music of its origins. Join us as we groove to the hypnotic rhythms of the African Blues.

1 Afrissippi Ngol Jimoi Fulani Journey Knock Down South Records / Electric Catfish Records Senegal / USA 3:30
2 Toumast Ikalane Walegh Ishumar Wagram Kenya 5:02
3 Souad Massi Inspiration (Illham) Honeysuckle Wrasse Records / Universal Algeria 3:49
4 Balla Tounkara Toungamagni (Adventure) Be Right Self-released Mali 5:30
5 Ramata Diakite with Charlie Musselwhite Maba Maba Second Moon Records Mali / USA 4:00
6 Amar Sundy Ouallache Najma / Blues Around the World Dixie Frog / Putumayo Mauritania 2:39
7 Baba Djan Sabari Sabari / Mali to Memphis Mercury Records / Putumayo Guinea 4:02
8 Laye Sow Kayba Djamano Orange World Records Senegal 4:37
9 Amadou et Mariam Mon Amour, Mon Cherie Mali to Memphis Putumayo Mali 5:20
10 Orchestra Baobab Dee Moo Woor Specialist In All Styles Nonesuch Senegal 4:18
11 Daby Balde Waino Blues Introducing Daby Balde World Music Network Senegal 4:17
12 Tinariwen Amassakoul ‘N’ Tenere Amassakoul/ Mali World Village / Putumayo Mali 3:19
13 Victor Démé Djôn’maya Victor Deme Chapa Blues Records Burkina Faso 4:04