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  • Putumayo Presents: French Christmas

    French Christmas

    Putumayo’s French Christmas provides charming and joyful music from France and French Canada to accompany your holiday season.

  • Café del Mundo

    Café del Mundo

    Visit Café del Mundo, relax and discover exceptional singer-songwriters from around the globe.

  • Yoga Lounge

    Yoga Lounge

    A transportive musical journey weaving together world instruments, light electronica, ambient grooves and enchanting mantras to soothe body and spirit.

  • Cajun Re-Release

    Cajun (Re-Release)

    A fascinating musical journey to the bayous of Southwest Louisiana. Like its cousin, zydeco, Cajun music’s origins are in France and its motto is “laissez les bon temps roulez” (“let the good times roll”). Updated with 5 new tracks! Features a Cajun recipe.

  • Putumayo Presents: Baila! A Latin Dance Party

    ¡Baila! A Latin Dance Party

    A non-stop celebration of salsa, cumbia and more

  • Putumayo Presents: Latino Latino

    ¡Latino! ¡Latino!

    A selection of exceptional salsa-based songs featuring Oscar D'Leon, Willie Colon, Poncho Sanchez and more

  • Putumayo Presents: A Jewish Odyssey

    A Jewish Oddyssey

    A celebration of Jewish music around the world featuring Ofra Haza, Chava Alberstein, Fortuna, The Klezmatics and more

  • Putumayo Presents: A New Groove

    A New Groove

    Contemporary artists forge a new world of music on this eclectic collection of cool tracks and underground sounds

  • Putumayo Presents: Acoustic America

    Acoustic America

    Join us on a musical journey around America with universally appealing songs by legends and new discoveries.

  • Putumayo Presents: Acoustic Brazil

    Acoustic Brazil

    The gentle rhythms of samba, bossa nova and more by legendary artists and fresh new voices including Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and others

  • Putumayo Presents: Acoustic France

    Acoustic France

    An enchanting musical voyage to France with classic and contemporary songs by leading singer-songwriters including Carla Bruni and Sandrine Kiberlain

  • Putumayo Presents: African Groove

    African Groove

    Technology meets tribal beats on this blend of African dance music and electronica

  • Putumayo Presents: African Party

    African Party

    Get the party started with this fun-filled collection of songs from South Africa to the Ivory Coast

  • Putumayo Presents: African Reggae

    African Reggae

    A jammin’ collection of reggae sounds from Africa

  • Putumayo Presents: Afro-Latino


    Two worlds collide to create powerful rhythms that move your feet and lift your soul featuring 4 Etoiles, Africando, Ricardo Lemvo and more

  • Putumayo Presents: American Folk

    American Folk

    Beginning in 1993, Putumayo released a series of celebrated folk music collections. With American Folk, Putumayo continues to highlight musicians who have written new songs inspired by folk traditions or have created new renditions of classic songs.

  • Putumayo Presents: Asian Groove

    Asian Groove

    Asian traditions meet funk, electronica and soul for a musical masala that will spice up any celebration

  • Putumayo Presents: Asian Lounge

    Asian Lounge

    Cross-cultural fusions and laid-back beats inspired by the musical traditions of Asia

  • Habib Koite - Baro

    Baro by Habib Koite & Bamada

    Malian guitarist Habib Koite and his band Bamada create lyrical and contemporary music rooted in the traditions of their native land

  • Putumayo Presents: Brazilian Groove

    Brazilian Groove

    Samba and bossa nova meet soul, funk and electronica on this upbeat collection of modern Brazilian music

  • Putumayo Presents: Cairo to Casablanca

    Cairo to Casablanca

    Cairo to Casablanca will transport you to a romantic world filled with uplifting sounds and exotic melodies

  • Putumayo Presents: Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    A unique blend of music with influences from Africa, Portugal and Brazil

  • Putumayo Presents: Caribbean Party

    Caribbean Party

    Whether in Martinique, Jamaica or Barbados, people in the Caribbean really know how to throw a party. Featuring Tabou Combo, Arrow, Bunny Wailer, Kali and more

  • Putumayo Presents: Caribe! Caribe!

    Caribe! Caribe!

    Join us on a Caribbean journey and party the night away with Beethova Obas, Krosfyah, Don Carlos, Kali, Osha nad more

  • Putumayo Presents: Celtic Crossroads

    Celtic Crossroads

    Ancient traditions meet modern technology in this captivating overview of contemporary Celtic music.

  • Putumayo Presents: Espana


    From Madrid to Barcelona, Spain’s contemporary musicians blend flamenco, rumba catalana and pop into a vibrant musical tapestry.

  • Putumayo Presents: Euro Groove

    Euro Groove

    Cool, contemporary electronica and fusion tracks by the continent's leading musicians, DJs and producers

  • Putumayo Presents: Euro Lounge

    Euro Lounge

    A cool collection of continental chill-out classics, featuring Arling and Cameron, Thievery Corporation , Gare Du Nord and more

  • Putumayo Presents: French Caribbean

    French Caribbean

    A musical cruise to the French Creole Caribbean Islands of Martinique, Haiti and Guadaloupe, featuring zouk, compas and beguine

  • Putumayo Presents: Greece

    Greece: A Musical Odyssey

    Legends and rising stars of Greek music perform lively and haunting songs that connect the ancient and modern worlds

  • Putumayo Presents: Gypsy Caravan

    Gypsy Caravan

    Gypsy musicians from Spain, France, Hungary and beyond take us on an entrancing musical journey

  • Putumayo Presents: Gypsy Groove

    Gypsy Groove

    Balkan beats and gypsy jams from the dance floors of Eastern Europe and beyond!

  • Putumayo Presents: Israel


    A new generation of Israeli artists explores the exciting and diverse musical traditions of this multicultural Middle Eastern country

  • Putumayo Presents: Islands


    Melodic music from the exotic tropical island such as Martinique, Madagascar and Tahiti. Can't travel? It's the next best thing to being there

  • Putumayo Presents: Italian Musical Odyssey

    Italian Odyssey

    An exquisite selection of songs from today’s thriving Italian folk music revival scene. Italian Musical Odyssey will take you on a journey through Italy from Sicily in the South to Venice in the North.

  • Putumayo Presents: Jamaica


    Features legendary reggae artists Jimmy Cliff, Toots & the Maytals, Peter Tosh and more

  • Putumayo Presents: Kermit Ruffins

    Kermit Ruffins

    Trumpeter and New Orleans legend Kermit Ruffins performs classic jazz and swing in the tradition of Louis Armstrong

  • Putumayo Presents: Mediterranean Odyssey

    Mediterranean Odyssey

    Take a musical cruise of the Mediterranean from melodic Spanish flamenco to joyous Greek rembetiko.Muguel Gil, Glykeria, George Dalaras and more

  • Putumayo Presents: Music from the Chocolate Lands

    Music from the Chocolate Lands

    Unforgettable songs from countries where chocolate originates

  • Putumayo Presents: Music for the Coffee Lands

    Music from the Coffee Lands

    Cool music from coffee-growing countries Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and others

  • Putumayo Presents: New Orleans Brass

    New Orleans Brass

    A who’s who of great New Orleans brass musicians and vocalists, this collection demonstrates why the Big Easy continues to be one of the world’s richest musical centers

  • Putumayo Presents: Nuevo Latino

    Nuevo Latino

    Latin and Latin-influenced music from a new generation, featuring Los de Abajo, Jarabe De Palo, Raul Paz, Sergent Garcia and more

  • Putumayo Presents: One World, Many Cultures

    One World, Many Cultures

    Multi-cultural collaborations between many of the world’s leading musicians

  • Putumayo Presents: Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    Exhilarating bomba, plena, salsa and son featuring Eddie Palmieri, Jimmy Bosch, Plena Libre and more

  • Putumayo Presents: Quebec


    A celebration of the rich musical diversity of this fascinating French Canadian province

  • Putumayo Presents: Reggae Around World

    Reggae Around the World

    Back by popular demand, Putumayo’s best-selling reggae collection will take you on a jammin’ global music journey. Features Majek Fashek, Lucky Dube, Burning Spear and more

  • Putumayo Presents: Rhythm & Blues

    Rhythm & Blues (Re-Release)

    Classic rhythm & blues performed by first generation legends and rising stars of today’s retro R&B revival. Featuring 3 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Presents: Rumba Flamenco

    Rumba Flamenco

    The passion of flamenco and Latin rhythms unite to create a sensual and soulful musical fusion

  • Putumayo Presents: Sahara Lounge

    Sahara Lounge

    Enticing fusions of Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms with cutting edge electronica and remixes

  • Putumayo Presents: Samba Bossa Nova

    Samba Bossa Nova

    An alluring collection of Brazil’s best-known musical styles

  • Putumayo Presents: South Africa

    South Africa

    A celebration of the musical diversity of South Africa, from Afro-jazz and township jive to mbaqanga and Afropop

  • Putumayo Presents: Tango Around the World

    Tango Around the World

    A musical tapestry of international tango and tango-influenced songs

  • Putumayo Presents: Tribute to a Reggae Legend

    Tribute to a Reggae Legend

    A global celebration of the music of Bob Marley, featuring 5 new recordings by exceptional international artists

  • Putumayo Presents: Women Latin America

    Women of Latin America

    Exquisite music by some of Latin America’s greatest female artists and exciting new voices, featuring Lila Downs, Lhasa, Mariana Montalvo and more

  • Putumayo Presents: Americana Re-Release

    Americana (Re-Release)

    From Asheville to Austin, contemporary singer-songwriters explore America’s rural musical roots. Updated with 6 new tracks.

  • Putumayo Presents: Australia


    Talented singer-songwriters and captivating aboriginal musicians from the outback come together on this fascinating journey to the land down under. Includes a recipe for Lamingtons, a traditional Australian dessert cake.

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Australian Playground

    Australian Playground

    A musical adventure to Australia with fun songs about kangaroos, didgeridoos and so much more! Features a kid-friendly Australian recipe.

  • Music of the Andes

    Music of the Andes

    In celebration of Putumayo World Music’s 20th anniversary, we return to our South American roots with a collection exploring the enchanting music of the Andes.

  • Putumayo Presents: Native America

    Native America

    Haunting flute music and entrancing vocals reveal the power of contemporary Native American music from the U.S. and Canada. Features a traditional Navajo Wild Sage Bread recipe.

  • Putumayo Presents: Acoustic Christmas

    Acoustic Christmas

    Classic and contemporary Christmas songs by renowned singer-songwriters, jazz and blues musicians help bring the season to life!

  • Putumayo Presents: A Jewish Celebration

    A Jewish Celebration

    Celebrate Hanukkah and other festive holidays with this medley of klezmer, reggae, ska and more from the Jewish diaspora. Le chaim! Includes a matzoh ball recipe.

  • Putumayo Presents: Latin Lounge (Re-release)

    Latin Lounge (Re-Release)

    Tango, cumbia and son meet electronica in this contemporary collection of chill-out grooves. Features 3 new tracks and a Mexican tequila cocktail recipe.

  • Putumayo Presents: Café Latino

    Café Latino

    Experience Latin cafe culture with these exceptional singer-songwriters from Mexico City to Buenos Aires. Features a Latin dessert recipe.

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Reggae Playground (Re-release)

    Reggae Playground (Re-Release)

    Featuring songs from the Caribbean and around the world, Reggae Playground is a jammin' reggae party for the whole family. Updated with 3 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Presents: World Reggae

    World Reggae (Re-Release)

    Experience the irresistible rhythms of reggae on this global musical journey from the Caribbean to Africa and beyond. Updated with 6 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: American Playground

    American Playground

    This fun collection features classic American tunes that the whole family can sing along to.

  • Women of Brazil

    Women of Brazil

    Experience alluring samba, bossa nova and more by a young generation of rising stars and new discoveries.

  • Brazilian Lounge (Re-Release)

    Brazilian Lounge (Re-Release)

    Seductive Brazilian melodies and subtle electronica mix on this collection of contemporary chill-out rhythms. Features 5 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Latin Dreamland

    Latin Dreamland

    Take a musical tour of Latin america with these soothing songs for relaxation and bedtime.

  • African Beat (Re-Release)

    African Beat (Re-Release)

    African beats and Western rhythms unite on these contemporary tunes from Cape Town to Bamako. Features 3 new tracks!