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  • Putumayo Presents: French Cafe Re-release

    French Cafe (Re-release)

    Updated with 7 new songs!
    Legends of French chanson join exquisite new voices for an enchanting musical sojourn to the cafés of Paris and Montreal.

  • Putumayo Kids Presents - French Dreamland

    French Dreamland

    These charming lullabies will transport you to the lavender -scented French countryside. Bonne nuit et dors bien!

  • Putumayo Presents: Vintage Latino

    Vintage Latino

    Step back in time to the tropical nightclubs of San Juan, Havana and beyond with this nostalgic collection of classic boleros, guajiras and more.

  • Putumayo Presents: Afro-Caribbean Party

    Afro-Caribbean Party

    Africa meets the Caribbean on this festive musical celebration! Features a Caribbean rum punch recipe.

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Asian Playground

    Asian Playground

    A magical and educational journey to the rich diverse lands of Asia, featuring traditional and modern children's songs!

  • Animal Playground (Re-Release)

    Animal Playground (Re-Release)

    Take a walk on the wild side with this global musical journey into the animal kingdom. Featuring 4 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Presents - Celtic Cafe

    Celtic Café

    Celtic Café features exceptional Irish and Scottish singer-songwriters performing a blend of modern and traditional acoustic Celtic music.

  • Yoga Lounge

    Yoga Lounge

    A transportive musical journey weaving together world instruments, light electronica, ambient grooves and enchanting mantras to soothe body and spirit.

  • Cajun Re-Release

    Cajun (Re-Release)

    A fascinating musical journey to the bayous of Southwest Louisiana. Like its cousin, zydeco, Cajun music’s origins are in France and its motto is “laissez les bon temps roulez” (“let the good times roll”). Updated with 5 new tracks! Features a Cajun recipe.

  • Café del Mundo

    Café del Mundo

    Visit Café del Mundo, relax and discover exceptional singer-songwriters from around the globe.

  • Putumayo Presents: French Christmas

    French Christmas

    Putumayo’s French Christmas provides charming and joyful music from France and French Canada to accompany your holiday season.

  • Putumayo Presents: Americana Re-Release

    Americana (Re-Release)

    From Asheville to Austin, contemporary singer-songwriters explore America’s rural musical roots. Updated with 6 new tracks.

  • Putumayo Presents: Australia


    Talented singer-songwriters and captivating aboriginal musicians from the outback come together on this fascinating journey to the land down under. Includes a recipe for Lamingtons, a traditional Australian dessert cake.

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Australian Playground

    Australian Playground

    A musical adventure to Australia with fun songs about kangaroos, didgeridoos and so much more! Features a kid-friendly Australian recipe.

  • Music of the Andes

    Music of the Andes

    In celebration of Putumayo World Music’s 20th anniversary, we return to our South American roots with a collection exploring the enchanting music of the Andes.

  • Putumayo Presents: Native America

    Native America

    Haunting flute music and entrancing vocals reveal the power of contemporary Native American music from the U.S. and Canada. Features a traditional Navajo Wild Sage Bread recipe.

  • Putumayo Presents: Acoustic Christmas

    Acoustic Christmas

    Classic and contemporary Christmas songs by renowned singer-songwriters, jazz and blues musicians help bring the season to life!

  • Putumayo Presents: A Jewish Celebration

    A Jewish Celebration

    Celebrate Hanukkah and other festive holidays with this medley of klezmer, reggae, ska and more from the Jewish diaspora. Le chaim! Includes a matzoh ball recipe.

  • Putumayo Presents: Latin Lounge (Re-release)

    Latin Lounge (Re-Release)

    Tango, cumbia and son meet electronica in this contemporary collection of chill-out grooves. Features 3 new tracks and a Mexican tequila cocktail recipe.

  • Putumayo Presents: Café Latino

    Café Latino

    Experience Latin cafe culture with these exceptional singer-songwriters from Mexico City to Buenos Aires. Features a Latin dessert recipe.

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Reggae Playground (Re-release)

    Reggae Playground (Re-Release)

    Featuring songs from the Caribbean and around the world, Reggae Playground is a jammin' reggae party for the whole family. Updated with 3 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Presents: World Reggae

    World Reggae (Re-Release)

    Experience the irresistible rhythms of reggae on this global musical journey from the Caribbean to Africa and beyond. Updated with 6 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: American Playground

    American Playground

    This fun collection features classic American tunes that the whole family can sing along to.

  • Brazilian Lounge (Re-Release)

    Brazilian Lounge (Re-Release)

    Seductive Brazilian melodies and subtle electronica mix on this collection of contemporary chill-out rhythms. Features 5 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Latin Dreamland

    Latin Dreamland

    Take a musical tour of Latin america with these soothing songs for relaxation and bedtime.

  • African Beat (Re-Release)

    African Beat (Re-Release)

    African beats and Western rhythms unite on these contemporary tunes from Cape Town to Bamako. Features 3 new tracks!

  • Putumayo Presents: Caribbean Playground

    Caribbean Playground

    A joyous celebration of Caribbean music and culture that will delight children and adults

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Hawaiian Playground

    Hawaiian Playground

    Ukuleles, slide guitars, amusing lyrics and enchanting voices will charm children and adults alike

  • Vintage France

    Vintage France

    Step back in time with these beautiful and timeless French chansons by legends and contemporary artists.

  • World Yoga

    World Yoga

    Take a relaxing journey around the world with these soothing songs from Mali to Nepal and beyond.

  • Putumayo Kids Presents: World Sing-Along

    World Sing-Along

    Sing along with these fun, upbeat songs from around the world!

  • Arabic Beat

    Arabic Beat

    Arabic Beat features more of the upbeat Middle Eastern and North African dance music that made Arabic Groove a global success.

  • Cowboy Playground

    Cowboy Playground

    Saddle up for a fun collection of classic cowboy songs for buckaroos of all ages. Yippie yi yay!

  • Bluegrass


    Stars and new discoveries demonstrate the universal appeal of this quintessential American roots music.

  • African Blues

    African Blues

    Powerful African voices and rhythms demonstrate the deep connection of the blues to its African roots.

  • Instrumental Dreamland

    Instrumental Dreamland

    A soothing collection of melodic, instrumental tunes for bedtime and relaxation.

  • Celtic Christmas

    Celtic Christmas

    Beautiful voices and entrancing Celtic instrumentation provide an uplifting soundtrack for the holiday season. Features an original recording.

  • Acoustic Cafe

    Acoustic Cafe

    A captivating collection of singer/songwriters from the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

  • Kids World Party

    Kids World Party

    Get the party started with this global medley of fun tunes from Trinidad to South Africa!

  • Jazz


    Exceptional recordings of classic songs by jazz legends Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Cannonball Adderley and others.

  • Rumba Mambo Cha Cha Cha

    Rumba Mambo Cha-Cha-Chá

    Dance the night away to the sensuous rhythms of these timeless Latin genres.

  • Acoustic Dreamland

    Acoustic Dreamland

    An exquisite selection of classic and contemporary acoustic songs for bedtime and relaxation.

  • Bossa Nova Around the World

    Bossa Nova Around the World

    From Rio to Paris and beyond, a global spin on this popular musical style.

  • Yoga


    A soothing collection of songs for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

  • Latin Party

    Latin Party

    Dance the night away with this spicy collection of boogaloo, salsa, cumbia and more.

  • Jazz Around the World

    Jazz Around the World

    Jazz with a global twist! Original songs and jazz standards performed by musicians from Cuba to Cameroon.

  • Brazilian Cafe

    Brazilian Café

    Sensuous samba, bossa nova and jazz from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador and beyond.

  • Salsa


    A hip-shaking music collection featuring many of the hottest salsa bands in North and South America.

  • India


    A captivating musical masala featuring mesmerizing vocals and gentle beats.

  • Women of Jazz

    Women of Jazz

    Jazz meets acoustic pop on this collection featuring exceptional female vocalists from the US and Canada.

  • A Jazz and Blues Christmas

    A Jazz & Blues Christmas

    Swing into the holiday season with this festive collection of jazz and blues Christmas songs.

  • Cafe Cubano

    Cafe Cubano

    Captivating Cuban guajiras, trovas, sones and boleros will transport you to the charming cafes of this musically rich island.

  • African Dreamland

    African Dreamland

    Features enchanting and calming African songs for relaxation and sweet dreams.

  • Celtic Dreamland

    Celtic Dreamland

    Beautiful and lyrical songs for bedtime or relaxation from the rich traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Canada and beyond.

  • Latin Jazz

    Latin Jazz

    Afro-Cuban rhythms and jazz stylings come together on this lively collection of songs by many of the masters of Latin jazz.

  • Women of the World: Acoustic

    Women of the World: Acoustic

    An exploration of contemporary acoustic music by some of the world’s leading female artists.

  • Asian Dreamland

    Asian Dreamland

    A harmonious collection of tranquil lullabies and soothing songs from ancient Asian lands.

  • New Orleans Playground

    New Orleans Playground

    A playful romp through the musical landscape of New Orleans.

  • Acoustic Africa

    Acoustic Africa

    Some of the continent’s premier singer-songwriters are featured on this truly unique and unplugged collection.

  • Blues Around the World

    Blues Around the World

    This collection demonstrates the powerful influence of the Blues on musicians from every corner of the earth.

  • Paris


    Highlighting artists from the nouvelle scene (new scene), Paris features modern takes on classic French chanson.

  • French Playground

    French Playground

    A collection of French language songs that will bring joy to people of all ages.

  • Italian Cafe

    Italian Cafe

    Classic and contemporary Italian songs that will transport you to the romantic cafes of Rome, Milan and Venice. Features a recipe for a coffee drink by Italian company Illy.

  • New Orleans

    New Orleans

    A captivating celebration of jazz, blues and swing, New Orleans style. Features a Seafood Gumbo recipe by renowned New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme.

  • Christmas Around the World

    Christmas Around the World

    A collection of Christmas songs performed by artists from all over the globe.

  • American Blues

    American Blues

    Celebrate the soul and spirit of contemporary blues.

  • Salsa Around the World

    Salsa Around the World

    A Latin dance party with a twist, featuring salsa from Greece, India, Scotland and beyond.

  • Dreamland


    Turn down the lights and relax to the tranquil melodies of beautiful lullabies and soothing songs from Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia.

  • African Playground

    African Playground

    An entertaining and educational musical expedition to Africa for children and families.

  • Latin Playground

    Latin Playground (Re-Release)

    A new and improved version of this fiesta of Latin American music for children and families, featuring 5 new songs.