World Reggae Re-release

Updated with 6 new tracks! Experience the irresistible rhythms of reggae on this global musical journey from the Caribbean to Africa and beyond.

World Yoga

Take a relaxing journey around the world with these soothing songs from Mali to Nepal and beyond.

World Sing-Along

Sing along with these fun, upbeat songs from around the world!

Kids Word Party CD

Commemorating Amnesty International’s 50th Anniversary!

Bossa Nova Around the World CD

From Rio to Paris and beyond, a global spin on this popular musical style.

Jazz Around the World CD

Jazz with a global twist! Original songs and jazz standards performed by musicians from Cuba to Cameroon.

Putumayo's best-selling reggae collection will take you on a jammin' global music journey.

Animal Playground CD

Take a walk on the wild side with this global musical journey into the animal kingdom.

Women of the World: Acoustic CD

An exploration of contemporary acoustic music by some of the world's leading female artists.

Blues Around The World CD

This collection demonstrates the powerful influence of the Blues on musicians from every corner of the earth.

Salsa Around The World CD

A Latin dance party with a twist, featuring salsa from Greece, India, Scotland and beyond.

World Playground CD

A collection of world music for kids that takes children and their families on an inspiring musical and cultural journey around the world.