Putumayo Kids Presents: Australian Playground

Australian Playground

A musical adventure to Australia with fun songs about kangaroos, didgeridoos and so much more....

Reggae Playground (Re-release)

Reggae Playground (Re-release)

Updated with 3 new tracks! Featuring songs from the Caribbean and around the world, Reggae...

American Playground

American Playground

This fun collection features classic American tunes that the whole family can sing along to.

Latin Dreamland

Latin Dreamland

Take a musical tour of Latin America with these soothing songs for relaxation and bedtime.

World Sing-Along

World Sing-Along

Sing along with these fun, upbeat songs from around the world!

European Playground Cover

European Playground (Re-Release)

Re-release, featuring 3 new tracks. Take a fun-filled musical tour of Europe without packing a...

Cowboy Playground

Cowboy Playground

Saddle up for a fun collection of classic cowboy songs for buckaroos of all ages!

Instrumental Dreamland

Instrumental Dreamland

A soothing collection of melodic, instrumental tunes for bedtime and relaxation.

Brazilian Playground Re-Release

Brazilian Playground Re-Release

This fun musical journey, updated with 3 new songs, transports children from the rainforests of...

Kids Word Party CD

Kids World Party

Commemorating Amnesty International’s 50th Anniversary!

Acoustic Dreamland CD

Acoustic Dreamland

An exquisite selection of classic and contemporary acoustic songs for bedtime and relaxation

African Dreamland CD

African Dreamland

Features enchanting and calming African songs for relaxation and sweet dreams

Celtic Dreamland CD

Celtic Dreamland

Beautiful and lyrical songs for bedtime or relaxation from the rich traditions of Ireland,...

Animal Playground CD

Animal Playground

Take a walk on the wild side with this global musical journey into the animal kingdom.

Asian Dreamland CD

Asian Dreamland

A harmonious collection of tranquil lullabies and soothing songs from ancient Asian lands

New Orleans Playground CD

New Orleans Playground

A playful romp through the musical landscape of New Orleans

French Playground CD

French Playground

A collection of French language songs that will bring joy to people of all ages

Sing Along with Putumayo CD

Sing Along with Putumayo

Features top artists singing children-friendly folk and blues classics and multilingual liner...

Dreamland CD


Turn down the lights and relax to the tranquil melodies of beautiful lullabies and soothing...

African Playground CD

African Playground

An entertaining and educational musical expedition to Africa for children and families

Latin Playground CD

Latin Playground

A new and improved version of this fiesta of Latin American music for children and families,...

World Playground CD

World Playground

A collection of world music for kids that takes children and their families on an inspiring...