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American Playground


Parents' Choice Gold Award: "American Playground is a celebration of the music that helped create and distill the American dream, and this fine new CD is a welcomed reminder of simpler times, when America itself was growing up." 

Latin Dreamland


Parents' Choice Gold Award: "These exquisite and oh-so-tender songs from the heart, culled from diverse cultures of Latin America-Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela - sooth and smooth the way to dreamland, no matter how old the listener." 


Parents Magazine (PDF): "Putumayo Kids introduces your little cowpoke to the songs of the Wild-ish West with Cowboy Playground. The 12-track CD includes some of today's most popular children's singers performing classic tunes about life on the range, such as "Don't Fence Me In." 

"Yet another solid compilation by the folks at Putumayo World Music. Of course, Cowboy Playground isn't meant to be a definitive overview of cowboy music, but it does serve as an entertaining sampler of western tunes, old and new." -

Putumayo World Culture Collection


Baton Rouge Parents Magazine (PDF): "The coloring books feature the countries of Africa, Europe and Latin America and include 20 oversized pages showing animals, instruments and cultures."

Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine (PDF): "This one includes facts about Africa, a map, and notes about native animals and instruments."

Time Out Kids New York features Europe Sticker Collection. "This kit combines music, geography and creativity all in one pretty package, and while it's got a pretty price tag, we think you'll get your money's worth."

"Putumayo Kids has long been one of my favorite sources for global music, and their new Africa Coloring Book takes the playfulness and fun of their music and puts it into oversized illustrations of Africa's animals, people, instruments and even a big baobab tree." -

"Creating eco-fabulous learning tools and gorgeous coloring books in one, Putumayo Kids has outdone themselves! Featuring a large colorable map of each culture, along with 20 oversized coloring pages, and a glossary of animals and instruments, the Putumayo Kids' Coloring Books are extremely high-quality and printed with eco-friendly soy ink." -



LA Times: "I like that it's 'real' music rather than what a lot of other companies offer, which are dumbed-down versions of kids' songs."

People Magazine (PDF): "An eclectic mix that can easily double as grown-up brunch music."

Technorati: ..." Grown-ups will find themselves swaying to foreign rhythms, and grooving to their native sounds—which they can enjoy with or without children present."

Mama Buzz: "This album is full of great music from places like France, Hawaii (USA), Cuba, India, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Trinidad, Canada, and Switzerland." 


Disney Family Fun (PDF): "The 11 beautifully spare songs on Acoustic Dreamland are perfect for lulling little ones to sleep."

Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine (PDF): "Chiming lullabies and tender takes on songs by Wilco as well as James Taylor top your evening playlist."

Technorati: "…a collection of gentle, loving songs perfect for naptime, bedtime, and any time a calming influence is needed. With kids in the house, that could be any time."

"The sleepy-time songs are gentle without becoming cloying . . . Nap time never sounded so sweet." – Time Out New York Kids

"Acoustic Dreamland is a warm bath, footsie pajamas and a back rub set to music... Each quiet ode lulls and soothes... It casts such a powerful spell that I would love to shoot back in time and dare my then-babies to resist." ­

School Library Journal loves Acoustic Dreamland!

"Perfect for easing little ones to relaxation and sleep . . . All are dreamy delights for adults as well as children to experience when winding down after a long, hard day." - Midwest Book Review

"Give your baby sweet dreams and yourself a peaceful night's rest . . . Instead of 'Hush Little Baby," you'll find original lullaby songs plus covers." –

"Great for exhausted parents: kids will get lost in the music at bedtime instead of asking for that third drink of water." –

"Grab this album and get yourself and your kids set up for a good night of sleep." – ParentMap

"Lullabies dressed up with acoustic guitar, dulcimer and folksy/jazzy vocals make Acoustic Dreamland a staple in any hip coffee house as well as a home full of children. This album is our new favorite for long road trips and relaxing afternoons to soothe the soul and strained ears." –


Parenting Magazine (PDF): “Old-school musicians join the best of the new generation of kid-music stars, including Bill Harley and Dan Zanes, on this intro to guitar-strummin’ goodness.”

Parents Magazine (PDF):“Dream Big (Roger Day) . . .is rockin’ our iPod during family road trips!”

New York Family (PDF): “An exciting new album that celebrates the early history of rock & roll and introduces kids to new genres, styles and innovative artists.”

USA Today: “On Putumayo’s Rock & Roll Playground, Rosie Flores offers the Ruth Brown fave [This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’] as a girl-power anthem for the preschool set.” “The CD comes with a fab little booklet about the origins of rock and the story behind each song. Unlike some of the other current ‘children’s’ albums, this one doesn’t ooze cross-generational appeal . . . That’s a must-listen. It’s even iPod worthy.”

Midwest Book Review: “The catchy, popular rock tunes are sung by a wide variety of performers; all of them have a toe-tapping beat that is sure to bring excitement to children’s parties or celebrations. A wonderfully lively and engaging album, and an excellent gift for budding young rock lovers.” “This sturdy collection should land right in the wheelhouse of any rock-n-roll loving family. . . Instead of spanning dozens of countries, this new Putumayo Kids CD covers time - nearly 60 years of rock music in fact – and the results are highly enjoyable. Turn off the classic rock radio station, ‘cause the lively, multi-generational Putumayo Kids Rock & Roll Playground is more than capable of serving as the outdoor summertime soundtrack for your next pool party, cookout or family reunion.”


Time Out New York Kids: “The newest Putumayo Kids release is your child’s pint-size doorway into the world of jazz…In true Putumayo fashion, the disc is an international block party…”

Parenting Pink: “If you think New Orleans knows how to swing it when it comes to jazz, just wait until you get hold of Jazz Playground, a collection from various world artists, with cool, funky, and jazzy renditions of some of the most beloved kids classics.”

New Orleans Magazine: “Jazz Playground from Putumayo Kids is a fun, upbeat collection that will keep both kiddies and adults smiling.”

Dadnabbit: “Jazz Playground, like the others in the series, takes a fun, lighthearted approach, and if you’re interested in exposing your kids to the music of other cultures, I can’t think of a more painless way of doing it.”

Cool Baby Kid: “From bebop and swing to Latin and African jazz, this multicultural CD has enough range for everyone in the family to find a favorite.”


People Magazine previews European Playground:
“If your passport isn’t getting much of a workout these days (overseas travel with little ones? ha!), this CD offers a teeny-tiny taste of Europe. 3 Stars.”

"Go check this one out, and don’t be surprised if your mood doesn’t change as if you’d just stumbled across a $100 bill." -

From "No worries if your kids aren't as well-traveled as Suri or Maddox: the fifteen songs on this album represent sixteen countries and range from Scottish folk to Scandinavian pop to Belgian quasi-rap."  

Mom Most Traveled: "European Playground is a light-hearted, effortless way to introduce your children to other countries and cultures!"

One Bored Mommy: New CDs You Must Check Out

Coolbabykid loves Putumayo Kids and European Playground: “Giving kids exposure to other cultures… and having great fun in the process is what makes Putumayo Kids a Cool Baby Kid top pick and our #1 favorite right now.”

Southern Mamas on European Playground: "My son and I spend the indoor afternoons dancing, galloping, jumping and kicking to these lively and engaging tunes by contemporary artists."


“In the bounce and sway of samba, bossa nova and fizzy dance rhythms, the songs culled from regions across Brazil and played using traditional instruments are beautifully rendered by skilled vocalists and musicians.” – Los Angeles Times

“As the music snakes its way along like a Carnaval parade, children will get caught up in this celebration of the group pleasures of singing, marching, chanting and drumming.” – Time Out NY Kids

“The ninth CD in the Playground Series has fun tunes from Brazil's most innovative musicians. It also comes with a map of Brazil and photos of breathtaking scenery”- Scholastic Best of 2007

More About Putumayo Kids

The American Library Association (ALA) has recognized both Picnic Playground and European Playground with the 2010 Notable Children's Recordings Award.

THE BEST! Time Out New York Kids names Putumayo Kids a standout in their new classics list. “Since 1999, Putumayo has introduced children to exceptional music from far-flung corners, language barriers be damned.”

USA Today raves about Putumayo Kids in their kid’s music round up.