Parents' Choice on American Playground: "American Playground is a celebration of the music that helped create and distill the American dream, and this fine new CD is a welcomed reminder of simpler times, when America itself was growing up."

Parents' Choice on Latin Dreamland: "These exquisite and oh-so-tender songs from the heart, culled from diverse cultures of Latin America-Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela - sooth and smooth the way to dreamland, no matter how old the listener."

Americana Gazette on Cowboy Playground: "This gallopingly good collection of tunes features top Western artists" on Cowboy Playground: "A great collection of cowboy-related tunes written by the likes of Dale Evans, Brewster Higley, and Cole Porter, performed in a smooth, jazzy style by a variety of performers and bands."

Parents Magazine (JPEG): “Cowboy Playground is prominently featured as a summer recommendation in the June issue of Parents magazine!”

LA Times on Putumayo Kids: "I like that it's 'real' music rather than what a lot of other companies offer, which are dumbed-down versions of kids' songs."

People Magazine (PDF) on Kids World Party: "An eclectic mix that can easily double as grown-up brunch music."

Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine (PDF) on Africa Coloring Book: "Putumayo Kids, the eclectic music label... now makes great, big educational coloring books!"

Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine (PDF) on Acoustic Dreamland: "Chiming lullabies and tender takes on songs by Wilco as well as James Taylor top your evening playlist."

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