The Quantic Soul Orchestra

The Quantic Soul Orchestra is but one of many projects created by the prolific British multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Will Holland. Once a student of mathematics, Holland chose the name Quantic – a math term that means “a rational, homogeneous integral function of two or more variables” – to underscore the eclectic nature of his work. While Will Holland records as Quantic for his more producer orientated music, The Quantic Soul Orchestra is a project that benefits from working with amazing musicians who can also deliver a phenomenal live performance. Over the years the QSO has involved a variety of members, collaborative partners and feature artists. The project was fired and founded in the studio originally with fewer than four members and Will’s sisters Lucy and Beth featured heavily, but Will Holland has always driven the project with his trademark sound, and since its first launch as a live, performing act on stage, the band has slowly added and gained members.

Rhythm and Blues Cover Rhythm & Blues (Re-release)

Re-release featuring 3 new tracks. Classic rhythm & blues performed by first generation legends and rising stars of today’s retro R&B revival

Latin Party CD Latin Party

Dance the night away with this spicy collection of boogaloo, salsa, cumbia and more