When an original voice rises up, music lovers are moved to listen. Now Kaïssa is the one motivating a fast-growing audience, connecting through her soaring vocal talents and the irresistible African-inspired rhythms of her songs. Kaïssa’s voice is a unique instrument – an electric mix of character and clarity, strength and fragility, total control and unbridled joy. Besides captivating audiences, her peers have taken notice as well, winning her a steady stream of work around the world with luminary artists such as: Manu Dibango, Papa Wemba, Salif Keita, Jean-Michel Jarre, Cesaria Evora, Sekouba Bambino, Martha Wash, Paul Simon and Diana Ross to name a few.

Born in Cameroon and raised in Paris, Kaïssa is now New York-based, surrounded by a group of world-class musicians that are building on her vision. Her debut album, Looking There was released in March 2004 by Sony Music South Africa and received rave reviews for its highly engaging vocals and pulsating African/Western rhythmic backdrops. Looking There has led Kaïssa to the next level, with featured slots on four Putumayo compilations including African Dreamland, World Reggae, Women of Africa, and Women of the World: Acoustic. Her riveting performance at the XVI Africa Festival in Würzburg Germany in May, 2004 led critics to dub her “…one of the future great voices of Africa". With a steady calendar of live appearances scheduled and a new album in the works, this unforgettable artist continues to expand her sphere. Rest assured, Kaïssa’s voice is original, and it is being heard.

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African Dreamland CD African Dreamland

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