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Oktoberfest [9/26 – 10/2]

26 Sep

It’s the season of Oktoberfest in Germany, when tens of thousands of Europeans and tourists from all over converge upon Bavaria to celebrate the region’s famous beer and hearty food. Instead of traditional polkas, we’ll celebrate with some non-traditional German music: hip sophisticated music being created by Germany’s most creative and adventurous musicians, producers, DJ’s […]

Yoga Around The World [9/19 – 9/25]

19 Sep

This week we explore the hypnotic and mesmerizing music for yoga, meditation and relaxation. The discipline of Yoga was born in India, rooted in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions, and has spread throughout the world for all who seek spiritual enlightenment, improving health, and shedding the stress of the modern world. ARTIST SONG ALBUM LABEL […]

Acoustic Europe [9/12 – 9/18]

12 Sep

Explore the rich musical styles of Columbia and hear how the country’s Spanish, Caribbean and African heritages have helped shape the country’s modern styles. Join us for a mix of Columbia, Salsa, Latin pop and more. ARTIST SONG ALBUM LABEL COUNTRY TIME 1 Presque Oui L’ongle Sauvez les Meubles / Paris Sostenuto / Putumayo France […]